Friday, June 8, 2007

Some Quotes From Cherice's Talk

Okay, I tried to get us started with a question about something I'd read that day. So far, no response.

One reason I'd particularly invited Cherice to post here was because of a talk she gave recently, (see Cherice's talk ) which raised questions many of us have been struggling with for as long as we've been Friends.

These queries from the end of that talk, in fact, sound the subjects I particularly hoped to take up when I started this:

"What do you sense God is calling the Society of Friends to focus on in the next 100 years?

"Where in your life do you notice places of resistance to living out your calling more completely?

"Are you willing to let go of traditional Friends practices and forms in order to follow a prophetic new calling as a Society? What might this look like in your own life?

"How do you feel called to hold the tension between being both inclusive and firm in your convictions about Truth?"

Can we begin to take these up here?


forrest said...

Where in my life do I notice places of resistence to living out my calling more completely? Oy vey!

One needs only to look!

The wish for a comfortable life? For security? Timidity about talking religion in an unwelcoming culture? The need to temper my own tendency to judge good people harshly?--to demand more from people than their resistance allows? Impatience with the time that things naturally take to develop? Fear of being seen publicly clueless? Arrgh!

cherice said...

I agree, Forrest! Especially about the "comfortable life" part...

It's so easy in our culture to get wrapped up in being comfortable, and so easy for us all to say, "I don't want to be irresponsible and make someone else support me, so I have to worry about money," etc. Now that I have a kid it gets even more complicated. My husband and I can choose to live simply, but how simple is too simple for a baby? And should we save for retirement or just trust God? And should we have health insurance or just trust God?